Rod Rees

IMG_5276 rod rees bw

Rod Rees came to writing late in life after spending a career roaming the world. En route Rod has lived in Iran, Qatar and Russia, and has travelled extensively in Africa and the Middle East. He’s built pharmaceutical factories in Bangladesh, set up a satellite telecommunications system in Moscow, and established a successful countertrade organization in Africa. Currently he lives in Daventry with his lovely wife, Nelli, where he writes.

demimonde fall

The fourth instalment of his Demi-Monde series, The Demi-Monde: Fall was published in August 2013 (check out the Demi-Monde website for full details).

Rod’s inspiration for Invent-10n came from his intense dislike of surveillance and the intrusion of the State in our lives and the worry that one day he will wake up to find that what’s happening in the world isn’t just a bad dream.

Discover more of Rod’s thoughts here.

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